Schedule: Board

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

16:30 - 18:30
Stateroom (L2)

What it is |  Meeting between the ICANN Board and the GAC.

Why it's important | 
Important forum for exchange of views of the Board and GAC on topical issues.

Who should attend? |  Anyone

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

09:00 - 10:30
Function 1-2 (L4)



Summary of input to meeting

This summarizes public input into the broad topics outlined by the committee.

Document deadlines

  • The deadlines were very helpful
  • It would helpful to include meeting agendas as part of that deadline
  • Need to consider how to avoid overloading people with the number of documents
  • Expectation that earlier provision of documents will mean fewer presentations at meetings about a report, and more discussion of a report
  • Documents themselves are too long and complex – acts as a barrier to entry


  • There is a significant need for documents in plain language
  • Need to present fewer acronyms, and to provide explanation of acronyms when they do appear (a glossary on each document?)
  • Translations of documents need to be made more easily and readily available (and supporting documentation also needs to be translated)
  • Translations of documents need to be provided to the same document deadlines


  • Three meetings a year around the globe make participation difficult (time and cost)
  • Consider reducing the number of meetings
  • Consider the use of a hub city for meetings
  • Look at expanding/improving remote participation
  • Need more information about meeting agendas to entice people
  • There’s not been a meeting in North America for some time

Public comment process

  • Too many public comment periods (have different types?)
  • Consider having a rule that no public comment periods will be open during a meeting (as people don’t have time to review or respond)


What it is |  The Board Committee on Public Participation is holding an open session to ask the community what it thinks about a number of new ideas for improving participation within ICANN, plus to allow the community to make their own suggestions.

Why it's Important |  Participation is an important issue for ICANN as an organization. This is an opportunity for community members to enter into free and open discussion about what improvements could be made with Board members.

Who should attend? |  All those interested in improving participation within ICANN.

09:00 - 10:30
Function 2 (L2)

What it is |  Organizational Reviews examine individually each of the key structures of ICANN; at the end of each OR process a set of recommendations is issued for each of the structures that have been reviewed. From a horizontal analysis of these recommendations emerged interrelationships and dependencies that are visible only when considering ICANN as a system rather than a collection of parts. During this workshop the Structural Improvements Committee will present for discussion the key findings from this analysis, and proposals to deal with these interrelationships.

Why it's Important |  This is an occasion for the community to participate to the debate on ways to solve interrelations and dependencies from different OR processes.

Who should attend? |  Members of the Structural Improvements Committee and the Board, interested Community Members

16:00 - 17:30
Ballroom A (L3)

What it is |  The Board review Working Group will present in Sydney its second interim report. This report concludes on a number of issues, leaving open for further discussion some topics requiring further analysis.

Why it's Important |  This will be an opportunity for Members of the Community to interact with Members of the Board review Working Group on the specific content of their second interim report, and to provide further inputs for the finalization of this report. 

Who should attend? |  Members of the Structural Improvements Committee and the Board, interested Community Members

Friday, 26 June 2009

08:30 - 09:00
Ballroom A (L3)

12:00 - 15:30
Ballroom A/B (L3)

This regular meeting of the ICANN Board will be open to public observation, both in person and via Internet audiocast.

Board Meeting - Agenda

26 June 2009

Consent Agenda – For Action

  • Designation of Seoul Meeting as Annual General Meeting
  • Approval of Charter of Community-Wide Working Group to Review The Structure of ICANN’s Present Geographic Regions
  • Approval of Board Governance Committee’s Recommendation of Board Committee and Leadership Selection Procedures
  • Approval of Board Governance Committee’s Recommendation on Committee Membership
  • Approval of Structural Improvements Committee’s Recommendation regarding the Composition of the ccNSO Review Working Group
  • Allocation Process for Single, Two, and Select Three-Character Domain Names in Dot-Pro, Including Proposed Contract Amendment
  • Receipt of Security, Stability & Resilience Plan
  • Receipt of Report on At-Large Summit
  • Approval of Minutes – 23 May 2009 Board Meeting

Agenda – For Action And/Or Discussion

  • GNSO Improvements
    • Status Report on GNSO Improvements Implementation Efforts
    • Proposed GNSO Constituency Applications
    • Status Report on GNSO Improvements – Stakeholder Group Charter Evaluations
  • Approval of FY10 Budget
  • Security & Stability Advisory Committee Actions
    • Approval regarding appointment of new SSAC members and retiring SSAC members
    • Approval regarding steps to prohibit redirection & synthesized responses by new gTLDs
    • Approval regarding formation of Working Group for display & usage of Internationalized Registration Data
  • Board Response to Discussions arising from Sydney Meeting
  • Actions Arising from the President's Strategy Committee's Recommendations in Improving Institutional Confidence: The Way Forward
  • Update on New gTLD Process
  • Update on IDNccTLD Process
  • Other Issues
  • Thank You Resolutions
  • CEO Succession Resolutions
  • Other Business

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