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Re: [Membership] Conflict of interest ?

Elisabeth PORTENEUVE a écrit:
> Dear all,
> Untill today it did not occured to me that some of us
> may use email or postal addresses of people involved
> in ICANN process sending them adds.
> But it happen, and I am deeply sad.

What sort of ads are you talking about, Elizabeth? I think we'd all be very
interested to know exactly what you mean

> Do we have any provision in the Article V, Section 7
> "Conflict of Intereset"
> in http://www.nia.doc;gov/ntiahome/press/icann111098.htm
> (proposal for ICANN Bylaws submitted Nov 6, 1998, to NTIA),
> or White Paper, or elswere, which makes it clear that
> any position within ICANN (Board or not) or any other SOs
> does not allow to use corporation's information
> (your collegues addresses) for your own interest ?
> Elisabeth Porteneuve