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[Membership] Why Singapore?

 Michael, you wrote:
+ ...why Singapore?

 Because some of the most stupid and mindless supporters
 of ICANN are in Singapore. Because the level of Corporate
 and political corruption are so high in Singapore that
 there is no chance of dissenting opinions and complete
 likelyhood of total agreement with Dyson and her robots.
 Because they will all be charging this to their company
 travel accounts and it's cleaner than anywhere else due
 to the simple fact if you so much as spit on the streets
 you get your lips/hand/arms/head cut off. Because it's
 just the perfect venue for this band of thieving bandits
 and they will feel right at home in this oppressive,
 military dominated dictatorship with all of their rotten
 business practices, kick backs, slush funds and so on.

 Welcome to Singapore, baby. Check your ethics at the door
 and let's get down to BUSINESS, damn the namby pambies and
 all their whining ethics and stupid ideas of democracy,
 accountability, yada, yada, yada. Money talks, baby, and
 bullshit, well it walks when it's not in jail being beaten
 to a bloody pulp, tortured and starved near to death. Yes,
 Sinagopre is perfect for these creeps. 

 Bob Allisat

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