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[Membership] some people just like to bash ICANN

 or... the bastards deserve to be bashed and
 bashed damn good at least until they see stars
 and stagger off to Perry Metzgeresque obscurity.

Craig Simon writes:
> In my view, for the long run, the sooner ICANN gets around to having
> the OPEN BOARD MEETINGS that almost everyone wants, the better. I think
>it would be a good idea to coordinate those meetings with IETF meetings.

 You silly cluck, don't you see the whole drift
 is to reimpose the top down, "hierarchy scales",
 behind closed door model that apparently was so
 successful in the Postel past? Only this time
 with a fleet of lawyers, a PR firm and enough
 eager Berkman spawn staffers to fend of even the
 most persistant dissent?! It's the kind of Lost
 Horizons, Shangi La model of governance. If you
 don't know what the hell I'm talking about go
 find the book. Another way of describing it is 
 as a sort of Theosophical sort of organization.
 The great Masters of Wisdom in their Tibetan
 retreats lord over the Sherpas by sheer, holy
 illumination. Derived from their complaince,
 so it seems, with the DARPA military industrial
 complex origins of this here feudal state.
 Pass the Yak curds Lobsong, I feel a monk
 descending upon us. Aummmmm....

 Bob Allisat

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