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[Membership] comment to be read at the MAC meeting

A point I would like the MAC to address during the open meeting on March 2:

I would posit that the interests of any organization are really nothing
more than the sum of the interests of the individual people involved in the
organization: members, shareholders, employees, business clients, and so
on.  If this is true, what argument can be made to support the notion that
organizations should have direct representation and/or voting rights within
the ICANN at-large membership?  Should it not simply fall to the
individuals with interests in the organization to represent those views?

I would appreciate hearing the views of the committee members on this
matter, whether they agree with my initial postulate or not.  Comments from
the mailing list are also invited.

- Paul

Paul Stauffer, MCSE
Systems Analyst/Administrator       ----====<< Quotes 'R' Us >>====----
Boston University                 ---==<< http://quotes-r-us.org/ >>==---