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[Membership] Re: [IFWP] PSO Formation

David and all,

  It is not too difficult to see plainly that the IETF and the ICANN does
not want stakeholder participation in any direct and meaningful

David Schutt wrote:

> I have to agree with Karl. The whole debate about the PSO seems to revolve
> around the question of how the IETF gets to pick three people for ICANN's
> board of directors.
> I'm still questioning *why* the IETF should get to appoint three board
> members, versus anyone else, such as W3C, IEEE, etc.
> As far as I know, that second question has never been answered.
> David Schutt
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> The entire PSO as a concept does not work for me at all.
> And I find the actual proposals to be exercises to clearly allocate a
> significant portion of ICANN's board seats to an extremely small
> electorate.
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