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[Membership] "Organic/dynamic" self-forming constituencies?

Karl Auerbach wrote:

  Let people and entities form whatever coalitions they
desire, let them
  mutate and reform as conditions change.  Let those
coalitions express
  their power via the number of individuals that they can
convince to cast
  their votes in accord with the coalition's point of view.

  Those would be true self forming coalitions.

  The nonsense of pre-establishing groups on some
pre-supposed notion of
  common interest is nothing better than a guess, and it has
the effect of
  ossifying the voting structure and hence pre-ordaining the
result of many
  future decisions.

True. Organizing by "constituencies" presents some technical
and conceptual problems--e.g. there is no guarantee that
Internet Texoma will feel better 
represented by a US citizen who is "hostile" to its segment
of the industry 
as opposed to someone from Singapore who shares its basic

    But, how do you accomplish a "dynamic" system in which
new         coalitions/constituencies form to address
whatever happen 
    to be the issues of the times?   

    Does this imply "proportional representation" with all
    filled at each election?  Or, are there other ways of
attaining such 
    objectives such as Joop's proposal
    or by cumulative, "approval" or "rational" voting
mechanisms discussed in sec.       5.8.5 of the MAC report

    How do such alternatives measure against defined
"constituency" plans in             resisting "capture?"  

    Finally, would such a system for electing (some part of)
the board 
    affect ICANN's ability to use the "deliberative council"
or randomly 
    chosen "jury" mechanism suggested by Dr. Fishkin 

Frankly, I am concerned by the lack of discussion of such
issues in the PUBLIC fora.