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Re: [Membership] Re: NCDNHC favoritism?

An open invitation was made to *anyone* wishing to form a constituency, so
I cannot see any basis for a charge of favoritism.  See

> Organizers who hope to have a constituency recognized at the ICANN meeting in Berlin should prepare a statement
> of their criteria for constituency participation and a plan for a Names Council member selection process as soon as
> possible.  These documents will be made available to the ICANN Board of Directors and posted on the ICANN web
> site.  In addition, organizers should send drafts of these materials and/or a status report, as soon as possible.  All of
> these materials should be sent to msvh@icann.org.
Other constituency proposals have been posted at

Diane Cabell
Fausett, Gaeta & Lund, LLP
Boston, MA

toml@communisphere.com wrote:

> I received the following message from Michael Sondow today.
> Is this true?
> If so, is there some justification for the seemingly unfair treatment?
> If not, please correct the situation ASAP.
> Sincerely,
> Tom Lowenhaupt
> MS>Colleagues-
> MS>ICANN has taken the outrageous step of allowing ISOC to use the
> MS>ICANN website to publicize ISOC's organization of the Non-Commercial
> MS>Domain Name Holders constituency, without offering the same to the
> MS>ICIIU and others forming constituencies. ICANN has given ISOC a full
> MS>webpage, called "ncdnhupdate"!
> MS>(http://www.icann.org/dnso/ncdhupdate.htm), as if ISOC were already
> MS>the Non-Commercial constituency, where ISOC has published comments,
> MS>discussion, arguments, and their entire proposal for the
> MS>constituency, yet no mention of this has been made to the ICIIU and
> MS>the others.
> MS>This outrageous favoritism cannot be allowed to pass. I ask each of
> MS>you to send a protest, in the strongest words possible, to the ICANN
> MS>board against this unfair action. If you will do this, we may yet
> MS>have a chance to correct them and make them treat the organizers of
> MS>the DNSO constituencies fairly. If we don't, we will be excluded
> MS>from the constituency and the DNSO, because ISOC won't permit
> MS>individuals to join the NCDNHC (see above webpage), and other
> MS>constituency organizers are doing the same, in flagrant violation of
> MS>ICANN's bylaws, which assure a place for individuals in the DNSO.
> MS>Do not allow ICANN to get away with this. Protest!
> to:   IN:membership@icann.org
> cc:   IN:msondow@iciiu.org