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Applicant Guidebook

The information on this page is posted for archival purposes only.

The current information on the new gTLD program is available at:

This page contains all the current and archived versions of the Applicant Guidebook and key documentation related to the proposed application process. Applicants will be able to apply via an online application system called TAS – TLD Application System. The details on how to apply for a gTLD through TAS will be available in the upcoming months.

See also:

Current Version of the Draft Applicant Guidebook

Archived Draft Applicant Guidebook Versions & Related Public Fora

  1. Applicant Guidebook – April 2011 Discussion Draft (Apr 11)


  1. Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook (Nov 10)

  2. Draft Applicant Guidebook, version 4 (May 10)

  3. Draft Applicant Guidebook, version 3 (Oct 09)

  4. Excerpts Organized Per Module (May 09)
    Note: In May 2009, ICANN did not release a version 3 of the Draft Applicant Guidebook. Instead, ICANN released a series of Excerpts organized below per module.

  5. Draft Applicant Guidebook, version 2 (Feb 09)

  6. Draft Applicant Guidebook, version 1 (Oct 08)

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