This event took place on 20 June 2015 from 16:00-18:00 -03 at ICANN53 | Buenos Aires in the Aguila room.
Sat, 20 June 2015 - 16:00 to 18:00 -03
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Session Leader(s): 
Jean-Jacques Sahel | Vice-President, Europe (Global Stakeholder Engagement)
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NCUC Community outreach event, in particular for local and newcomer NGO / CS community.

Agenda Details: 

16:00-16:20 Welcomes and Participant Introductions

  • Jean Jacques Sahel, ICANN
  • William Drake, NCUC Chair
  • Valeria Betancourt, APC

16:20-16:40 Overview of NCUC Work

2-3 minute introductions by NCUC members of our work in various ICANN policy arenas

  • IANA and the transitioning of US control (Milton Mueller)
  • Accountability mechanisms in the context of globalization (Matt Shears)
  • Human rights generally (Monika Zalnieriute)
  • Privacy, WHOIS and registry services (James Gannon)
  • Access to knowledge and intellectual property (Robin Gross)
  • Freedom of expression (Maria Farrell)
  • Development (Marilia Maciel)
  • ICANN in broader Internet governance, e.g. NETmundial Initiative, IGF, WSIS10, etc (Bill Drake)

16:40-17:10 Civil Society Visitors

Invited participants from the LAC region share information on their activities and interests with respect to Internet governance generally and ICANN issues in particular


Open discussion on areas of mutual interest etc.

17:55-18:00 Closing

William Drake, NCUC Chair

18:00-19:30 Reception for all CS @ ICANN people and guests

Aguila Room

NCUC Participants

  1. Analía Aspis
    Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. Arun Sukumar
    Centre for Communication Governance, National Law University, India
  3. Bill Drake
    University of Zurich, Switzerland
  4. Brenden Kuerbis
    Internet Governance Project, Syracuse University, USA
  5. Carlos Afonso
    Instituto NUPEF, Brazil
  6. Grace Githaiga
    KICTANet, Kenya
  7. James Gannon
    Cyber Invasion Ltd, Ireland
  8. Jia He
    China Academy of Telecommunication Research, China
  9. João Carlos Rebello Caribé
    Movimento Mega, Brazil
  10. Maria Farrell
    Consultant, Ireland
  11. Matt Shears
    Center for Democracy and Technology, USA
  12. Milton Mueller
    Georgia Technology Institute, USA
  13. Monika Zalnieriute
    ZEPHIRO : Progressive Platform for Human Rights, Italy
  14. Niels ten Oever
    Article 19, Netherlands
  15. Robin Gross
    IP Justice, USA
  16. Valeria Betancourt
    Association for Progressive Communications, Equador
  17. Zhang Zuan (aka Peter Green)
    CONAC, China

LAC Civil Society Participants (RSVPs as of 17.06.2015)

  1. Valeria Milanés
    ADC, Argentina
  2. Tatiana Fij
    ADC, Argentina
  3. Renata Aquino
    Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brasil
  4. Alberto Soto
    Inst. Iberoamericano de Investigación para la Sociedad de la Información
  5. Romina Florencia Cabrera
    UNLP-UBA-USAL-FIADI, Argentina
  6. Fabricio Vagliente
    Sociedades Digitales, Argentina
  7. Javier Pallero
    Access, Argentina
  8. Raime Citterio
    ALS representative to LACRALO, Venezuela
  9. Eduardo Rojas
    Presidente de la Fundación REDES, Bolivia
  10. Jania López
    ALS Nicaragua

LAC Civil Society Remote Participants (RSVPs as of 17.06.2015)

  1. Sergio Salinas Porto
    Asociación Argentina de Usuarios de Internet, Argentina
  2. Antonio Medina Gómez
    Colombian Association of Internet Users, Colombia

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