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[Comment-Dnso] Re: [IFWP] Re: [dnso.discuss] Modifications to ICIIU Guidelines a nd NCDNHC definition

Michael Sondow wrote:
> This is totally false. Every organization that has sent a message of
> adherence to the ICIIU has been checked out, and those with any
> commercial use of their website, any at all, have been turned down.
> That includes a full half of the organizations that sent requests
> for adherence. Only those which are genuinely non-commercial were
> accepted, and only these are listed.

You evidently didn't check out COMTELCA (http://www.comtelca.hn) very
closely.  Its membership is limited to telecommunications companies and
telecom regulators, and its Web site includes price lists for various
commercial services it provides (see
http://www.comtelca.hn/comtelca/red%20regional.htm and