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[Comment-Dnso] Re: [IFWP] Re: [dnso.discuss] Modifications to ICIIU Guidelines a nd NCDNHC definition

William X. Walsh a écrit:
> It should be noted that it is just as inappropriate for Mr Sondow to
> be trying to lead the constituency.  Almost all of his "Adherents" who
> support his effort (so he says, I read that page as only meaning they
> have an interest in being a member of a non commercial constituency)
> are commercial interests that his own rules would have excluded.

This is totally false. Every organization that has sent a message of
adherence to the ICIIU has been checked out, and those with any
commercial use of their website, any at all, have been turned down.
That includes a full half of the organizations that sent requests
for adherence. Only those which are genuinely non-commercial were
accepted, and only these are listed.

I could have done what ISOC is doing, and put down every single
organization available, in order to stack the deck in favor of the
ICIIU. But I won't stoop to such dishonesty, and am not interested
in winning this contest if it means compromising the principles on
which the ICIIU was founded. As I said, no support is or will be
accepted by the ICIIU from any organization that is seen to be using
the Internet for commercial purposes.