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[Comment-Dnso] Re: [dnso.discuss] Re: [IFWP] Re: Modifications to ICIIU Guidelines a nd NCDNHC definition

Sorry, Michael, but just because an organization has members who are
involved in commercial activities doens't make them commercial.

But I share your concern over capture of this constituency.

These issues need to be addressed, and compromise on all sides may be

A leader would recognize that and work towards a consensus.

On Tue, 01 Jun 1999 20:13:09 -0400, Michael Sondow <msondow@iciiu.org>

>I don't know what your point is. All the organizations listed as
>supporters of the ICIIU are legitimate non-commercial organizations
>using the Internet for non-commercial reasons, as is the ICIIU
>On the other hand, below is a partial list of the organizational
>members of ISOC, taken from their website. "*" = founding member. 
>America Online, Inc.*
>AT&T  Labs*
>Cisco Systems, Inc.*
>France Telecom*
>GTE Corporation*
>Intel Corporation*
>J.P. Morgan*
>MCI Communications Corporation*
>Network Associates*
>Novell, Inc.*
>Oracle Corporation*
>PSINet, Inc.*
>Siemens AG*
>Sun Microsystems, Inc.*
>Alis Technologies, Inc.
>ARTEL, Inc.
>Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
>Adobe Systems
>Crawford Communications, Inc.
>CyberCash, Inc.
>Deutsche Telekom AG
>Dun & Bradstreet
>Federal Express
>Fujitsu Limited
>Tektronix, Inc.
>Teledesic Corporation
>Teleglobe International Corporation
>Time Warner Telecom, Inc.
>Geneva Financial Center
>Hitachi, Ltd.
>John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
>O'Reilly and Associates
>Korea Telecom Corp.
>Lucent Technologies
>NEC Corporation
>Merita Bank Ltd.
>Macmillan Computer Publishing
>Hongkong Telecom
>Infonet Services Corporation
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