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[Comment-Dnso] Re: [IFWP] Re: [dnso.discuss] Tell him "Enough!", Ms. Van Houweling

William and all,

  I believe, as do many others which have posted on this ongoing bad
situation with the Non-commercial Domain Name Constituency, that
Michael Sondow is correct.  So do the majority of the INEGroup (Some
90k members), as well as from Joop T's comments it seems does the
IDNO as well, which I believe your are a founding member are you not

  It is indeed both very unfortunate and a travesty that the ICANN

Board and most especially Esther Dyson, and Mike Roberts, choose to
conduct themselves is a reprehensible manner in this matter and the
same is surely so of the ISOC and Don Heath in particular.  It also
appears the Molly Van Houweling is participating in a much more
active manner in conjunction with the ICANN Interim Board in this
regard as well.  Curious that.  Is this some sort of extra effort on the
part  of Molly to endear or ingratiate herself for some future role
with ICANN?  Time will tell of course...

William X. Walsh wrote:

> I'm going to single out a small section that maybe will exhibit why
> this person is not qualified to lead.
> The appropriate course of action in this letter would of been to point
> out that one plan for the NCDNHC was getting much heavier coverage on
> the ICANN site than the other plans, and to suggest that the other
> plans be given equal coverage.
> Instead he jumps up in an attack (just like he always has, who was it
> that said he has changed?) and then bemoans the fact that he didn't
> get results.
> Is it no wonder this message was probably filed appropriately?
> It's too bad too, he had a valid point, it just got lost in all his
> chest thumping and posturing.
> On Thu, 03 Jun 1999 21:50:13 -0400, Michael Sondow <msondow@iciiu.org>
> wrote:
> >...............................................
> >Subject: How much more?
> >From: Michael Sondow <msondow@iciiu.org>
> >To: Michael Roberts <roberts@icann.org>, ICANN <comments@icann.org>
> >
> >Mr. Roberts-
> >
> >Your organization, EDUCAUSE, has come out in support of one of the
> >constituency organizers, ISOC. Yet you are the President of the
> >organization being formed, ICANN. Is this, to your way of thinking,
> >a democratic process?
> >
> >Furthermore, your employee Molly Van Houweling has given ISOC a full
> >website to itself, to spread its deceit and tyranny, like excluding
> >individuals from the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders
> >Constituency. Is this blatant favoritism in the use of your website
> >your idea of democracy?
> >...............................................
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> crying to every time you have something
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