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[Comment-Dnso] Re: have you check your company lately

Rick and all,

  It looks very much like Register.com and likely the other 4 test bed
registrars of ICANn have hosed up the zone files as well as have
"Bogus" entries in their DNS name servers as well.  After modifying
Browser based "Whois" and doing some checking over the past 4 days
Register.com has not yet cleaned up their  (4?) DNS name servers
and left test registrations out in their "Version" of the zone file for .com
and .net as well.

  Sense monday we have assigned 4 of our staff to continue to monitor
this situation from various aspects.  As has already been reported,
Register.com is currently engaging in fraudulent registration practices
with the registration of wwwtabnet.com.  These practices have been
duly reported and passed on to eTrust and various other organizations
so as to keep the public properly informed as much as is possible.

  This is not boding well for the ICANN/IANA/ISI first attempt to introduce
quasi-competition in the DNS marketplace and shows very poor oversight
on their part to keeping adherence to their own "Accreditation Agreement"
for registrars...

Rick H. Wesson wrote:

Many of you are running, or work for, companies that register
domains in the .com, .org, and .net heirachy. many of you use
the whois server whois.internic.net to find out if a domain
is available or not. the whois.internic.net server is no longer

for instance, use your companies resources to register gameshowhost.com,
you will find it available when you inquire via whois.internic.net, if you
look in the root zone for com, you will find deligations to
DNS7.REGISTER.COM and DNS8.REGISTER.COM and if you look in
whois.crsnic.net you will see that this domain was infact registered
registry.com, and if you look in whois.registry.com you will get a
complete whois record.

i'm sure you will also notice that the output of whois.registry.com
is slitely different than whois.internic.net so change your parsers

also if you just use www.networksolutions.com homepage, they have all
the correct information, just be sure *not* to use
http://www.networksolutions.com/cgi-bin/whois/whois becasue it is wrong

please check your company to see if it incorrectly showing domains
as available, when they are not.




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