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[Comment-Dnso] June 11 Names Council teleconference: Grist for the mill of the Justice Department

The so-called Names Council of ICANN's DNSO, which according to the
ICANN bylaws will have in its purview nothing less than the future
policy of the Internet domain name system, today revealed to all, in
a manipulated and hijacked teleconference of which tapes were made
by this writer, its true nature: an extension of the
ISOC/CORE/INTA-controlled swindle that was put in place in Barcelona
a year ago, held a second meeting in Monterrey, Mexico, at which the
INTA was introduced to the gullible outsiders present (and after
which the meeting's consensus proposal for a DNSO was completely
altered, without the approval of the participants, by Kent Crispin
and Michael Heltzer), and that has captured not only the DNSO but
the board itself, since it is ISOC and ISOC's friends who chose the
current unelected board members.

As the original organizer of the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders
constituency of the present DNSO and one of its three compromise
proposal negotiators, I had an unimpeachable right to participate in
the Names Council teleconference according to the allowance for
observers from those constituencies that have not yet elected
representatives. Yet I was put off the call, that is, disconnected,
on the say-so of Javier Sola, one of ISOC/CORE's most aggressive
operators, who has taken upon himself, with no election, the role of
chairman of the DNSO. Mr. Sola is a Vice-President of ISOC and the
President of the Spanish Internet Business Users Association. ISOC
has been trying to take control of the Non-Commercial constituency.
Get the picture?

As it turns out, the operator on the teleconference call didn't just
take Mr. Sola's say-so for cutting off legitimate participants like
myself, but got corroboration from the call's leader, Theresa
Swinehart, the ISOC/CORE communications person, the same who
organized all the disbanded (?) Barcelona/Monterrey dnso.org's
teleconferences. We have this on tape, from the mouth of the call
center supervisor, just as we have on tape Mr. Sola giving his
orders and the roll-call of participants, which included Joe Sims
and Mike Roberts (more about these two scoundrels in a moment). 

Ms. Swinehart also pretends to be one of the NC representatives from
the Business constituency along with Mr. Sola. But how could she be,
when she belongs to the same organization as Mr. Sola, and also the
same as Susan Anthony, another NC member, and the ICANN bylaws
clearly state that no two NC members may be from the same
organization, much less the same constituency?

Mike Roberts, ICANN President, and Joe Sims, the infamous perjurer
of the U.S. House of Representatives Science Committee hearings last
October, were present on the call to make sure that the DNSO wasn't
re-taken by the Internet community, just as Esther Dyson came to the
formation meeting of the embattled Non-Commercial constituency in
Berlin three weeks ago to make sure that the non-commercial
organizations didn't throw the commercial ones out of their

By the way, CORE is a Swiss-based corporation and ICANN is
incorporated in the U.S. What's that you said, Mr. Hoover?