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[Comment-Dnso] Registrar Constituency taken over by CORE

The Registrar Constituency, it has just been announced, has been
taken over totally by CORE (see below). Amadeu Abril i Abril is a
member of the
gTLD-MoU (CORE) Policy Oversight Committee; Richard Lindsay is the
director of interQ, Inc., a CORE member; and Ken Stubbs is the
President of the Executive Committee of CORE.

So much for "the global and functional diversity of Internet users
and their needs" that the U.S. Department of Commerce committed
itself to in its Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN. 

So much for the DOC's pledge to "not apply standards, policies,
procedures or practices inequitably or single out any particular
party for disparate treatment."

So much for Joe Sims' testimony that the ICANN interim board was
chosen from among "people who were specifically not representatives
of any particular stakeholder group." 

So much for Internet privatization by the diversity of stakeholders.

So much for freedom on the Internet.

So much for democracy and the public good.

From: DNSO Listadmin <DNSO.Listadmin@dnso.org>
To: announce@dnso.org
Subject: [announce] Registrars Constituency

21 June 1999.
The Registrars Constituency has elected its three representatives to
the initial Names Council. The names are, in alphabetical order:

    Amadeu Abril i Abril
    Richard Lindsay
    Ken Stubbs