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[Comment-Dnso] Re: NCDNHC Application and Information Form - Another "Sister" organization of the ISOC

Jeff and All

I see your point. However, I still believe that we have a good point. More
important, if now or in the future our being in NCDNHC is felt not
convenient by a large [second thought: even not so large] number of other
members, then we'll act accordingly. 
(Note: we are not going to be a voting member, as far as i understand.)

I suggest to hold up and see how things develop. Thanks. Regards mario

>> of this constituencyAt 09.25 27/08/99 +0100, Jeff Williams wrote:
>Mario and all,
>  I too believe that all organizations should be able to participate on an
>equal basis.  As that ISOC is already a member of the NCDNHC that
>is fulfilled.
>mario chiari wrote:
>> Jeff,
>> Thanks for your comment.
>> In our application we wrote:
>> >>>>>Although we are a local, country based, chapter of a global
>> association which is already a NCDNHC member, we feel we have good reasons
>> to partecipate directly in the NCDNHC. If this is explictly barred by
>> NCDNHC by-laws, or felt not convenient by a large number of other members
>> of this constituency, please let us know.<<<<<
>> Our point is that local groups should have a way to partecipate directly to
>> global Internet governance.
>> Any further comment is welcome
>> Thank Regards mario
>> At 17.01 26/08/99 +0100, Jeff Williams wrote:
>> >All,
>> >
>> >  It appears that we have yet another of the ISOC "Sister" organizations
>> >here...  Another attempt at stacking the deck perhaps?
>> >
>> >mario chiari wrote:
>> >
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>> >> Subject: NCDNHC Application and Information Form
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