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Not representatives of any particular stakeholder group

Mr. Sims-

In the Supplemental Questions posed by the Joint Subcommittees on
Basic Research and Technology, pursuant to the hearing on October 2,
1998, in which you were a witness, you were asked:" Please explain
how ICANN's interim board was established." You replied: "...Dr.
Postel concluded that the most likely way to create an interim board
that could obtain consensus support was to seek out highly qualified
people who were specifically not representatives of any particular
stakeholder group."

Are you unaware that Michael Roberts, the current President of ICANN
and apparent leader and chief policy-maker of its board of
directors, was a founding director of ISOC, as well as the director
of Educause, which is supporting ISOC in its bid to dominate the
Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders constituency of the DNSO?

Could you tell us, please, in what way Mr. Roberts fulfills Jon
Postel's and presumably your criterion for serving on the interim
board of ICANN, that is, not being a representative of a particular
stakeholder group?