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The information provided by Joe Sims

Ms. Burr-

In Supplemental Questions from the U.S. House of Representatives
Subcommittees on Basic Research and Technology pursuant to the
hearing on October 7, 1998, in which you were a witness, you were
asked: "Does your Department have any concerns about the individuals
nominated as interim board members under the ICANN proposal? How
were the members of the board chosen?" You replied: "To our
knowledge, the information provided by Joe Sims, counsel to ICANN,
reflects the board selection process."

Yet you were present on October 7 as a witness, seated at the same
table with Joe Sims when he told the Committees: "I can't tell you
precisely what person called what person", and "I just don't
personally know", and "I don't think I actually know the answer of
who actually made the telephone calls." Therefore you knew that Mr.
Sims did not provide information on the board selection process. In
your reply to the Committees' Supplemental Question on this subject,
was it then your intention to mislead the Honorable Representatives,
the Committees, the Internet community, and the American people
about the true nature of the unelected ICANN board now regulating
the Domain Name System?