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Your irresponsibility

ICANN Board-

ISOC has created a listserv, controlled by them, that they are
calling the NCDNHC list. That is a ruse and a lie. They have no
sanction to act as the NCDNHC, as you well know.

They have also told many people on regional and international lists
that the NCDNHC is holding Names Council elections this week, before
the Berlin conference. They have no right to do this, as you know
full well.

These are the same dishonest tactics that were used by the same
dishonest people in their attempt to co-opt the DNSO.

Why are you allowing this to go on? You are supposed to be
organizing and controlling this process. How can you permit people
to pervert and usurp it in this manner? Do you pretend that by
putting disclaimers on your website you have fulfilled your
responsibilities to conduct an open and honest process, while you
allow and support vicious lies and utterly dishonest manipulations
of the constituency formation? 

You are responsibile for this process. If you do not accept that
responsibility, then you are accomplices of the abuse being done to
it. If you will not conduct an open and democratic process, you have
forfeited your right to any authority, power, or influence over it.

Do your duty as the appointed purveyors of this process and call the
abusers to order.

Michael Sondow
International Congress of Independent Internet Users (ICIIU) 
        http://www.iciiu.org       iciiu@iciiu.org