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Re: License Agreement Revisions -Important

ICANN Board members, and fellow accredited Registrars,

I believe Jason's comments are on the mark with regard with 
the license agreement.  While I will not comment on each particular
section of the document, I feel the the agreement as a whole
has an extreme bias against the Registrar.  In this agreement,
NSI absolves itself of all responsibility and liability for
a system that they designed and built.   The fact that NSI
wishes to offload the responsibility of maintaining the 
stability or even operability of the RRS software indicates
to me a lack of support for the Registry/Registrar model.

If indeed this license agreement remains as it is currently
written, I would assume the NSI cost per domain would drop
to less than a dollar, since all they would be doing is
supporting a few data entries per domain.  This is not such
a costly operation.  

I would hope that ICANN and the US Government would take
a serious look at evening the bias of this particular document
in order to ensure success of the smooth transition to the 
Registrar/Registry model.


Jason Hendeles wrote:
> May 18th, 1999
> Attention: ICANN and Participating Registrars
> Re:    License Agreement Revisions
> Jason Hendeles wrote:
> I highly recommend that other registrars review the license agreement
> and assist to make the necessary modifications.  Please find enclosed my
> initial comments and recommendations.  It is important that these
> changes are put forward with the combined support of the participating
> registrars and ICANN.  Without these changes there are a variety of
> scenarios which could cause us significant  damage.

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