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RE: [IFWP] Credentials for attendance at the NCDNHC organizational meeting in Berlin

You have no more authority to unilaterally set NCDNHC attendance requirements 
than do your opponents to hold Names Council elections.  If I were ICANN, I 
would have hotel security eject you should you attempt to prevent others from 
entering the meeting room.

Michael Sondow wrote:
> To: All persons wishing to participate in the first organizational
> meeting of the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency in
> the Kaminzimmer Room of the Hotel Adlon on the morning of May 25th.
> Due to the fact that the Kaminzimmer Room is small and able to seat
> comfortably no more than fifty persons, attendance at the meeting
> will be limited to holders of non-commercial domain names only. All
> such persons intending to participate are requested to bring with
> them proof of their domain name, in the form of a current invoice
> from Network Solutions with the name of the participant on it.
> In the case of organizations wishing to join as such, one
> spokesperson for the organization should be designated and provided
> with a statement, signed by an officer of the organization, that he
> or she is delegated to act in its name. These statements together
> with the a copy of the current invoice for the organization's
> non-commercial domain name will be presented at the door to gain
> admittance.
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