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Ms. Van Houweling-

Allowing people who do not belong to a constituency to fill its
meeting room and disrupt its organizational process is not having
"helped arrange meeting space for open meetings for all of the
initial constituency groups".

As an operative of the unelected board, you are manipulating a
situation so as to favor the unqualified, uncredentialed usurpers of
a constituency that the board created, the only one left through
which the non-commercial users of the Internet can have an effective
voice in the DNSO. The board has consistently used undemocratic
tactics to deprive the users of the Internet a place in the new
Internet governance authority. They have made no constituency for
individuals, and are now conspiring with ISOC to remove even the
non-commercial constituency from its rightful members. 

You, personally, have allowed yourself to be tricked into believing
that you have the power to deny the non-commercial sector of the
Internet a say in its future. This is obviously not going to happen,
and you will at some point, when the non-commercial users of the
Internet finally become aware of what is being done to them, be held
accountable for excluding them from a place in this Internet

If you think clearly, you will see that I am right. You would do
well, for your own sake, to consider very carefully what the
eventual consequences of allowing yourself to be used for an
unpopular and undemocratic purpose could be.

And by the way, if you will stop doing things that you feel ashamed
of, you can stop worrying about the people on this list reading your

>Molly Shaffer Van Houweling a écrit:
> We have helped arrange meeting space for open meetings for all of 
> the initial constituency groups.  (One group has elected to meet at 
> another nearby hotel, but that meeting will also be open.)

At 12:56 AM 5/21/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Molly Shaffer Van Houweling a écrit:
>> ICANN has reserved the room referred to below for the use of anyone who is
>> interested in discussing the formation of the Non-commercial Domain Name
>> Holders Constituency.  The room will be open to the public without 
>Esther Dyson wrote:
>> Thanks, Molly!
>Does this apply only to the NCDNHC, or to all the constituency
>meetings? Are you playing favorites, protecting some organizers and
>prejudicing others?
>Are you suggesting that persons who are not non-commercial domain
>name holders are to be allowed to join this constituency? Are you
>saying that they can take over the meeting from the legitimate
>non-commercial domain name holders, even deny us membership in our
>own constituency, with your assistance?
>If this is true, you are digging a very deep hole for yourselves
>here. It will take you the rest of your lives to crawl out of it.
>You have created a constituency and defined its membership by naming
>it. Are you now going to give it to those it doesn't belong to? Do
>you comprehend fully the implications and consequences?
>Do the other members of the ICANN board want to have their names
>associated with this? Think it over carefully. There will be
>consequences, sooner or later. Those of you who have careers to
>think of and reputations to protect would be wise to consider very
>carefully indeed depriving us, the legitimate members, of our
>constituency. This is something that will not stop here, of that I
>can assure you.
>> At 10:05 AM 5/20/99 -0400, msondow@ICIIU.ORG wrote:
>> >To: All persons wishing to participate in the first organizational
>> >meeting of the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency in
>> >the Kaminzimmer Room of the Hotel Adlon on the morning of May 25th.
>> >
>> >
>> >Due to the fact that the Kaminzimmer Room is small and able to seat
>> >comfortably no more than fifty persons, attendance at the meeting
>> >will be limited to holders of non-commercial domain names only. All
>> >such persons intending to participate are requested to bring with
>> >them proof of their domain name, in the form of a current invoice
>> >from Network Solutions with the name of the participant on it.
>> >
>> >In the case of organizations wishing to join as such, one
>> >spokesperson for the organization should be designated and provided
>> >with a statement, signed by an officer of the organization, that he
>> >or she is delegated to act in its name. These statements together
>> >with the a copy of the current invoice for the organization's
>> >non-commercial domain name will be presented at the door to gain
>> >admittance.
>> >
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