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Re: Register.com CHEATING Exposed!! Important please read!!

The problem you describe below is a consequence of NSI's 'thin
registry' model, under which each registrar runs its own whois.  It
was not created by ICANN.  ICANN's Registrar Accreditation Agreement
contains a provision (Section III.D.4) intended to facilitate its
solution by requiring all registrars to contribute the appropriate
data for a regitry-wide whois service upon request.

Ron Bennett wrote:
>Correct tits.com as listed at NSI is a contact record.
>On a related topic, in researching the TITS.COM domain name cheating issue it 
>appears that the Whois we're all used to is being split by registry. While that 
>may make sense to ICANN, that's going to cause much problems for the average 
>folk looking up the owner/contacts for a domain name record. It also could be a 
>precursor of a larger unintentional split within the DNS system if ICANN isn't 
>careful and upsets people.
>Right now if one wants to look up the owner of EXAMPLE.COM, one simply goes to 
>NSI's Whois and enter EXAMPLE.COM and the domain information is displayed.
>As more registars come on-line, things won't be as simple. Say a person inputs 
>lets say XYZ.COM registered at Register.com in NSI's Whois...it will say the 
>domain name is not available or display nothing or error out...none of these 
>results will help the person find the owner/contact information for the domain.
>In essance people will now have to perform two steps to look up a domain:
>1. Determine the registrar at nsiregistry.com
>2. Query the appropriate Whois server
>First off many people won't understand this and secondly each registrar may 
>display different amounts of information on domains or simple none at all. 
>Hopefully others see the problem with such a setup!?
>Also these differences only reiterate that under the current incarnation of the 
>multiple registrar system, there exists an accountability/legal problem in 
>determining who owns and controls a domain. This is not a trivial matter and I 
>would strongly recommend ICANN review how registrar information is coordinated.
>The central registry (nsiregistry) *should* in my view contain ALL the records 
>for a domain record or at the minimum the legal OWNER of each domain and date 
>of registration that can be easily queried. Considering the value of domain 
>names, why would ICANN create a system where there's no central registry of 
>domain name owners??  That's crazy!!  Or perhaps I misunderstand?...I hope!
>Ron Bennett