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Re: [IFWP] Re: The Sims-Auerbach Correspondence

Joe and all,

  Well Joe, this seems to be yet another inherent attitude and lack
of oppenness that the ICANN (Initial?) Interim Board seems to be
consistently displaying.  Such sorts of responses are not conducive to
problem solving, or good communications.  As such I am sure that
the House Commerce Commission will take head in this remark of yours...

Joe Sims wrote:

> now I know how Charlie Brown feels when he tries to kick the football;
> since you have your machine on play, not record, I won't try to communicate
> further on this point with you.  feel free to market your ideas to whoever
> will buy them.
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> > Joe Sims wrote:
> > Karl, I don't want this to appear condescending (even though it probably
> > will)
> I expect condescension from you.
> But don't worry, it's easy to dismiss.
> And as I've said, I'm glad that you have finally come around to the BWG
> position that you fought so hard against last year.
> I am indeed happy for the new interpretation.
> I'm glad that the board now has full, unfettered power to govern the
> actions of the corporation, that the board can stop any SO action and that
> the board can initiate any action despite what an SO might think.
> It's good that the board is now clearly in the drivers seat, that they
> have no place to hide their ultimate responsibility for actions taken
> under the name of ICANN or its sub-bodies.
> It is now very clear that, for example, the ICANN board can step onto the
> PSO and change a protocol parameter should the board feel that it ought to
> do so.
> It is now clear that the ICANN board has the power to come up with its own
> IP address allocation plan and adopt it without ever listening to one word
> the Address SO may say.
> As for the content of your comment --
> I'm observing that you seem not to know about the vast discussion that has
> occurred about the powers of the board and the SO's.  You really ought to
> watch the mailing lists and not the nearly vacuous comments@icann.org.
> I'm surprised that you hadn't noticed that the related sections of the
> by-laws have been amended to add more, but not complete, clarity to the
> Board-SO balance.
>                --karl--
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