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Re: Coments about proposal of modifications/additions to original drafts

Vany and all,

  On the behalf of all INEGroup members that are also either members of
ENRED, SDNP/Panama, FUNREDES or ISOC/Mexico, this draft to
which you refer was not and still has not been approved and by many
of the members of ENRED, SDNP/Panama, FUNREDES and ISOC/Mexico
was not even know to be in consideration and therefor submitted in their name's

  Such activities of this questionable nature should discontinue
immediately pending independent legal or international judicial review.

Vany Martinez wrote:

> Hi to all:
> I wish to know if the coments and proposal made in the
> document sent behalf ENRED, SDNP/Panama, FUNREDES and ISOC/Mexico
> have any reaction amongst all the people that is involved in
> the NCDNHC formation.  I wish to know also if such coments and
> proposal have been taken in count, if even the redactors of
> the original drafts have any comments about it.
> Is there anyone here in this list that is agree or disagree or
> have comments about the content of such document?.
> I want to clear that the comments we sent is not a new draft
> or a separate draft from the one that is written already.  The
> document we sent is in order to be commented, and be taken in
> count in order to make the additions or changes that redactors
> (Heath, Kleinman, Bush, Maher) think are necesary and then
> publish it again in order to receive comments from all the
> people involved in this issue.
> Thanks a lot in advance for all the input all of you can give.
> I am sure the input that is received through this list from all the ones
> who are subscribed (and the ones that are not suscribed but
> want to make a contribution) will develop a better
> NCDNHC draft and a better constituency.
> Cheers
> Vany
> :-)
> Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales
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> Red de Desarrollo Sostenible de Panama
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> e-mail: vany@sdnp.org.pa
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