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Hello Registrar Community,

I have been on holiday for 10 days so forgive me for my apparent lack of commitment to the cause over this period.  It is obvious that outside of what was provided by the US government ICANN is in need of a capital injection.  Talk of a $1 commitment for each registered domain (which was part of the original ICANN agreement) cannot supply the required funding short term and is only applicable to registrars who are post test bed.  Therefore I am pledging a cash donation of US$2,000 to cover some of the anticipated expenditure.  If all Accredited Registrars do the same this will more than adequately cover the shortfall of funding required by ICANN.  

We all want this to work so we should all show a commitment to the success of ICANN.  

Best regards,

Mr. Miesha Vukasinovic.
Director of Total Web Solutions Limited.

P.S. Can someone from ICANN contact me regarding a bank transfer or alternative payment arrangements.