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Register.com services

I have just finished emailing my concerns about the service provided by 
Register.com to the New York-based company. My problem is that domain names 
I have registered over the past few months with Register.com show up as 
being available when the registration companies DOMAINDIRECT.COM, 
REGISTRARS.COM, and INTERNIC are checked. This is very disturbing to me. I 
questioned Register.com a few weeks ago and was told that the above noted 
companies may not be searching all servers or something to that affect. I 
realize that perhaps the problem may not originate with Register.com and I 
may need to understand more about the process. What is the outcome if domain 
names that were registered by me and immediately paid for are in turn 
registered by someone else using (as examples) any of the three companies in 
bold type. The companies Getdomain.com, Register4free.com, Tabnet.com, 
Networksolutions.com, Clarityconnect.com seemed OK. I may not be aware of 
all registration services. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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