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New domain names

Name: Mary Longacre
> email: longacre@gis.net
> comments: I'm sure you have had many requests, demands, and mere suggestions for new "dot com" suffixes.  Please consider this one as well.  If you would create a .xxx (or .sex) extension and offer it to be used by pornographic sites, they would be able to be blocked easily from view if the end user so desired.  Use of the extension would be voluntary, of course, but it is my hope that most sites would agree to switch as a matter of integrity and professinal ethics, assuming such exist within the pornographic community.  They could keep their exiting addresses as well and simply post a only a "click here" redirect message, so that uninvited/unsuspecting visitors would not be surprised by the sexual content. 
> There is obviously no guarantee that a voluntary system would work, but it would be a big step in the right direction, and it would be consistent with the way society currently deals with the existance of pornography in other forms.  We do not allow unrestricted access to strip clubs and pornographic magazines, it does not make sense to allow unrestricted access to pornographic material on the internet.  We must preserve the right to freedom of speech and expression and I think this solution would accomplish that easily.  The keystone, however, is having the URL suffix available for use, and I hope you will consider this idea seriously.
> Thank you.


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