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domainregistration using net.com.org

It is my opinion that granting domain registration to those who modify the 
original domain name owned by someone else simply by altering the name to 
"net" if someone owns "com", or to "org" if someone owns same name with net 
and com constitutes a requirement that someone registering a name needs to 
also register all three possibilities, com, net, org. Suppose a very popular 
site is registered as Chryslersweepstakes.com. Under present rulles I can 
register same name except with "net" or "org" being used. Suppose I 
registered the TRADEMARK "Generale Motors"? Would it be accepted? No!  I 
registered "Stockmarketgame.net", but Register.com offers 
"Stockmarketgame.com" and "net" as available.  Am I going to be forced to 
register three names in order to protect my investment in advertising, 
publicity, etc. I don't believe this is what Congress had in mind during the 
October 1998  agreement and it manifestly unfair to those registering a 
domain name, Robert E. Taylor, Ph.D.