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Re: non-commercial.

Randy and all,

Randy Bush wrote:

> As you can realize, what I propose, includes a new admission critera:
> adding to the condition that have to have a domain name, also have to have
> an operative website and/operative e-mail address using such Internet
> Domain Name

but this is the _domain_name_ holders' constituency, not a web site or email
operators' constituency.

  Good point Randy!  >;)  Although I believe you saying this is jest
possibly?  >;)  None the less you make a good point, even if that was
not your intent.  There is a constituency of propose one anyway
for these folks, it is called the IDNO (Individual domain name owners)...

> Well..in this part I exclude the statement where organizations that use
> web for commercial activity even when their other activities are
> non-commercial because as I stated in the e-mail I wrote: exists
> charitable organizations that organize sells of articles and they can do
> it via internet in order to get funds to do charity.  In such cases like
> this one, common sense is needed.

hmmm.  to use a us analogy, you are worried about the school which runs a
bake sale.

  I agree with Vany that common sense is needed.  That is why most countries
have a system by which to embody those common sense ideas or rules.
It is commonly called a "Legal System" or "Legal Structure".  And as such
they are quite naturally made up of a system of things called "LAWS", which
are in and of themselves the actual embodiment of those very common
sense ideas or rules.  >;)

  Now as to your point Randy, I will use an example.

  My oldest daughter goes to a private school, they have bake sales, candy
sales, flea markets, and all manner of things of this nature to raise money
for certain school special trips, and other in school facilities.  This IS
commercial activity, and as such disqualifies them as a NON-COMMERCIAL
educational facility.  Therefore, although they have their own Domain Name
and many E-mail addresses, >;), they cannot qualify legally as a
NON-COMMERCIAL entity and therefore it follows that they are not reasonably
eligible for membership to the NCDNHC.  :(    BTW they annually generate
over $400k in revenue from these activities!   >;)



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