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Re: [IFWP] ICANN meeting scheduled for August 12

Mr. Auerbach and Everyone,

  Mr. Auerbach, your points are well taken by myself and I expect by others
as well.  It is good that you highlight them in this post.  Thank for doing

  These concerns show in a somewhat dramatic and blatant manner the
lack of responsibility that this current ICANN Interim Board.

Karl Auerbach wrote:

> In case folks haven't noticed, there is an ICANN board meeting scheduled
> for August 12, only a few days from now.
> The only place I can find it mentioned is in the note attached to the
> notice of a proposed by-laws-amendment.
> It's not listed on ICANN's calendar of events.
> Congress was told by ICANN that all board meetings have a pre-posted
> agenda and other indicia of "openness".
> Where is the agenda for the August 12 meeting?
> What other matters are going to be discussed?
> Where is the meeting going to be held so that the public can attend
> or listen in?
> As for the content of that meeting:
> So far, the few comments posted on the proposal show some degree of
> acceptance of it but also contain significant, and unanswered, questions
> about the events that transpired in which ICANN acted as if these changes
> were in effect before they were even proposed.
>                 --karl--


Brian C. Hollingsworth
Sr. Legal Advisor, International House of Justice Internet
Communications  Affairs and Policy
Advisory council for Public Affairs and Internet Policy, European