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Re: [IFWP] Re: Call for comments on DNSO Names Council amendments (Deadline: August 10)

Patrick Greenwell wrote:
> What is truly unfortunate is that despite repeated requests you have not
> addressed the substance of Karl's statements.
> ICANN willingly and knowingly violated its' own bylaws with the
> ICANN Interim CEO and counsel present in taking actions to have certain
> individuals forcibly ejected from a teleconference. Why?
> Is this an issue that will ever be answered when it is asked by the
> plebs, or will we be forced to have any meaningful question
> asked by a Congressperson in order to receive an answer?

Congressmen asking questions isn't good enough. The questions have
to be asked in a court of law, where evidence can be presented and
witnesses cross-examined, and where there are real penalties for
perjury, falsifying and hiding evidence, and obstructing justice.
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