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Ireland E-Commerce Bill follows EU's except casts a wider net...



Byline:Draft E-commerce Bill is published The Government has
 adopted a light regulatory approach, writes Madeleine Lyons
 The Irish Times


 A spokesman at the Department of Public Enterprise told The Irish
 Times: "By laying the groundwork early we expect it will allow Ireland a
 competitive advantage as it takes charge of its own e-commerce


While the EU Directive is focused solely on the use of electronic
 signatures, the E-Commerce Bill has cast its net a little wider in an
 effort to put a simple legal mechanism in place which will
 accommodate future technological advances.

 The Bill also proposes new regulations governing the registration of
 Internet domain names in the Republic. Until now this process has
 been privately operated by the .ie Domain Registry (IEDR) in UCD.
 However the Department of Public Enterprise has expressed concern
 at the openness of the IEDR's mechanisms, and the validity of having
 just one registry in Ireland.

And Further...

"The E-Commerce Bill is available on a dedicated website
 (www.ecommercegov.ie) which features a discussion forum for online
 feedback, and hard copies can be obtained on request from the
 Department of Public Enterprise (6041608). The consultative process
 will run until October, when a new draft of the Bill will be submitted to
 the Oireachtas. "


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