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Re: Newly Updated NCDNHC Membership List

Kent and all,

  Kent makes an excellent point here I must admit.  He did however
leave out that there are also many individuals that make false claims
regarding other organizations, due mainly to their differences in
their political agenda or positions.

  The idea of kents that any application for membership in a
constituency be predicated by their having to prove their existence
a full year in advance of acceptance to any Constituency is a bit
extreme in regards to time frame, but could be adapted or otherwise
modified on a shorter time existence requirement.  None the less,
currently no such provision in the ICANN or the DNSO bylaws
exists currently...

  Therefore I would suggest that the legitimacy of any applicant for
recognition or acceptance as a Constituency member resides with
the constituency first, than the DNSO and finally the ICANN itself...

Kent Crispin wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 16, 1999 at 08:09:35AM -0700, noncom@bitshift.org wrote:
> > >-
> > >Curiosity could originate from the empty www.bitshift.org web server.
> > >Have you any more URL telling more about your organization?
> > >Thanks
> >
> >
> > In my application, I explicitly stated that this organization has
> > no web page.  www.bitshift.org currently has no information on it.
> > As far as I know, there's no requirement in the NCDNHC bylaws that
> > an organization have a webpage.
> No, but it is a requirement that the organization be a bona fide
> organization.  If there is a challenge, it is reasonable for the
> organization to provide some evidence that it is real.  As we all
> know, fake organizations -- even fake people -- abound in all this.
> I think it is reasonable that there be some evidence of prior
> existence, as well.  I could easily create an organization with a
> dozen or so *real* members.  So, for example, as a rule of thumb,
> the organization should have been in existence, with verifiable
> membership, one year before the date of its application.
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