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Re: Newly Updated NCDNHC Membership List

Milton and all,

  Respectfully I disagree with you here Milton.  .NU's status as a potential
member of the NCDNHC is questionable on both counts as a VOTING
member of the NCDNHC, as it does engage in COMMERCIAL
activity, and it is also a (ccTLD)....

Milton Mueller wrote:

> Randy Bush wrote:
> > >       bill semich     .nu     internet users society-niue
> >
> > as far as i know, the NU domain is sold COMMERCIALLY.
> No, Internet Society of Nuie is a non-profit that hasnon-commercial goals and
> objectives. Profits are returned to
> the community in the form of free Internet access.
> The problem with .NU is not its non-commercial status,
> but its membership in the ccTLD constituency.
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