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Re: [IFWP] Is the gTLD Workgroup outcome already decided by the CORE faction?

Ellen and all,

Ellen Rony wrote:

> Kent Crispin wrote:
> >Just exactly how would ICANN proceed in "insisting" that some stuff
> >on *anybodies* web site be removed?
> Fair question.  An effective PR firm should be at the ready to provide both
> damage control and issues management, not just corporate promotion.  I
> think ICANN should be very concerned that someone involved in the Working
> Group discussions who also has represented ISOC in public presentations is
> spreading misinformation on a major website and passing it off as "News".

  Good and accurate point here Ellen, and one that should not pass by
the ICANN (Initial?) Interim Boards attention, but time and their actions
will tell the tale of the tape here I suspect.

> To answer your question, since ICANN hired a PR firm as one of its first
> actions, Ogilvey should issue a worldwide press release in *non weasel
> terms* from the ICANN board that the misinformation being spread on the
> Internet that new gTLDs .firm, .shop, .info, .rec, and .arts will be
> delegated to CORE is completely untrue.

  The reason that the ICANN (Initial?) and Interim Board has not directed
Ogilvey to do so is indeed suspicious as was Esters initial reply to this
information.  As such it tends to look as though the ICANN (Initial?) Interim
Board is supporting the information on this web site in a passive manner...

> How hard can that approach be?
> By doing nothing outside this list to counter the disinformation, fud,
> lies, call it what you will, ICANN abets such activity.

  Indeed true in this instance, amongst a host of other instances...

> > Bob Connelly can put whatever he
> >pleases on his web site, and there isn't a thing ICANN can do about
> >it.
> Sure, Connelly and others can post whatever claims they want and push their
> own agenda.  And ICANN has a choice of turning a blind eye to such
> disinformation, passed off to the public as "News",  or refuting it loud
> and clear,  not just admonishing those on this list to "calm down"..

  Again well stated here Ellen.  A point that Esther Dyson in particular
should take heed to, but likely will now...

> What I would expect ICANN or any corporation involved in an important,
> complex and contentious process to do is to address the spread of blatant
> lies, not merely to admonish the messengers who communicate their concerns.
> And since you brought up Richard Sexton out of the blue, I think he has
> done a superb job of maintaining this list.  He has his opinions about
> these issues, of course, but he also has the integrity to separate his
> personal involvement from  his role as the IFWP listmanager.  He has been
> absolutely unpartisan and fair in managing this list, and I believe your
> pathetic attempt to discredit his pro bono effort here will backfire.

  Here Here!!

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