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Re: A dilemma

Phil and all,

  I agree with you that there is some room for interpretation in the
DNSO and the ICANN Bylaws with respect to alternates.  But it
would be best for everyone that we err on the side of caution, until
those bylaws can be more definitively defined, hence amended...

Phil Shepard wrote:

> Having just caught up with the discussion on the matter of alternates, I wonder if
> someone can get an authoritative interpretation from ICANN as to how they believe
> their bylaws affect the use of alternates by our constituency. I understand the
> arguments that Jeff and others have adduced on this point, but my own and the
> list's sentiment appears to lean strongly for allowing the use of alternates in
> some fashion, if it is done in a way legally acceptable to ICANN (and the new
> DNSO? - I'm not clear whether there is a second legal issue here). As I read the
> ICANN bylaws previously quoted in the discussion, it seems quite possible to
> interpret them as allowing alternates (note especially the phrase "at the same
> time" - what does it mean in this situation).  In other words, the quoted bylaws
> are ambiguous unless or until something in the legal/social context resolves the
> ambiguity. It certainly seems to be in our interest to get legal clarificaion, and
> ICANN's legal interpretion would appear most crucial.
> Best to all,
> Phil Shepard
> shepard@msu.edu
> 517-332-0761
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