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Re: MIMOS and NCDNHC (was Re: Newly Updated NCDNHC Membership List)

Adam and all,

  In essence I agree with you.  MIMOS due to it's ties with the Malaysian
Government and commercial activity, needs further review before it
should be allowed to become a member of the NCDNHC...

Adam Peake wrote:

> At 4:01 AM 99.8.16, Randy Bush wrote:
> > >>>     1. MIMOS Berhad
> > >> i still think this is a commercial isp, and now they brag of an oc48,
> > >> claiming it to be the first in the world, about three years too late <g>.
> > > non-profit organization to develop and apply leading edge technologies fo
> > > value creation according to MIMOS Brochure.
> >
> > read web site.  talk to anyone who has tried to connect to the internet in
> > malaysia.  they are the monopoly isp.
> >
> I believe MIMOS owns JARING, the main commercial ISP in Malaysia.
> MIMOS is not itself an ISP.
> And... I believe MIMOS is owned 100% by the Malaysian government,
> it's a semi-independent research and IT promotion type organization.
> Quasi-governmental.  Then again, while I think MIMOS is more NGO
> than government agency and does a great deal of non-commercial type
> work, I'm pretty sure someone from MIMOS is the Malaysian
> representative to the GAC!
> As others have pointed out, relationships between government,
> commercial and non-commercial sectors can get pretty blurred,
> particularly Asia Pacific.
> Answer here might be to ask MIMOS to designate one of the research
> institutes that come under it's "wings" to join the NCDNHC in it's
> place.  Or perhaps the 2 MIMOS representatives can help.
> Thanks,
> Adam
> > randy
> >
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