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Re: MIMOS and NCDNHC (was Re: Newly Updated NCDNHC Membership List)

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Jeff Williams wrote:

>   In essence I agree with you.  MIMOS due to it's ties with the Malaysian
> Government and commercial activity, needs further review before it
> should be allowed to become a member of the NCDNHC...

Thank you for all the comments made about MIMOS. Let me take from the
current context of this discussion as I was not able to participate in
this discussion earlier.

(Internally) I was not really keen to approve MIMOS application to be an
NCDNHC member at the very beginning as I could anticipate the possible
outcome.  However the application was submitted anyway. Since then I have
already indicated to some members of this discusion group that I would not
wish to pursue MIMOS application.  Please take it from now on that we have
no more wish to be a member of NCDNHC.  I don't think we want to
contaminate the NC nature of this constituency by different roles and
activities that we do.

Having said that, I regret some uncalled for, and irrelevant remarks made
by certain people in this group about MIMOS (enclosed).  The person who
said about "brag of an oc48" should know that whatever claim made was
actually originated from CISCO.  The person who said "they are the
monopoly isp" should know that there are actually more than one isp in
Malaysia.  He insisted on saying the same thing AFTER I personally told
him that the statement was incorrect! 

I hope I don't need to say any more here.


> Adam Peake wrote:
> > At 4:01 AM 99.8.16, Randy Bush wrote:
> > > >>>     1. MIMOS Berhad
> > > >> i still think this is a commercial isp, and now they brag of an oc48,
> > > >> claiming it to be the first in the world, about three years too late <g>.
> > > > non-profit organization to develop and apply leading edge technologies fo
> > > > value creation according to MIMOS Brochure.
> > >
> > > read web site.  talk to anyone who has tried to connect to the internet in
> > > malaysia.  they are the monopoly isp.
> > >
> >
> > I believe MIMOS owns JARING, the main commercial ISP in Malaysia.
> > MIMOS is not itself an ISP.
> >
> > And... I believe MIMOS is owned 100% by the Malaysian government,
> > it's a semi-independent research and IT promotion type organization.
> > Quasi-governmental.  Then again, while I think MIMOS is more NGO
> > than government agency and does a great deal of non-commercial type
> > work, I'm pretty sure someone from MIMOS is the Malaysian
> > representative to the GAC!
> >
> > As others have pointed out, relationships between government,
> > commercial and non-commercial sectors can get pretty blurred,
> > particularly Asia Pacific.
> >
> > Answer here might be to ask MIMOS to designate one of the research
> > institutes that come under it's "wings" to join the NCDNHC in it's
> > place.  Or perhaps the 2 MIMOS representatives can help.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Adam
> >
> > > randy
> > >
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