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Re: Newly Updated NCDNHC Membership List - POC/PAB/CORE participation?


  Good points here Adam, and ones that I had not really considered
until I read your post here...  It does seem that we have some
questionable overlapping here that may be contrived with respect
to CORE and their multiple membership's (Voting?) in multiple
constituencies...  This should be avoided, lest those constituencies
and ICANN itself wishes to face some potential legal challenges
is is ill financially prepared to face at the moment...

  This is of course not to say that CORE "Entities" cannot be members of
more than one Constituency, but as VOTING members is appears allot
like "Stacking the deck".  Nepotisim anyone???

Adam Peake wrote:

> >     20.The Policy Oversight Committee
> >                 David W. Maher: dwmaher@ibm.net
> >                  Sat, 10 Jul 1999
> >                 NA
> As a significant number of POC members are also members of
> other constituencies and the NCDNHC I suggest POC participate as a
> non-voting member.
> POC has 11 members and 2 observers (not sure if observers are
> classed as full members) :
> 2 POC members appointed by ISOC, NCDNHC member;
> 2 appointed by CORE.  One POC CORE appointee, Amadeu Abril i Abril,
> is a member of the provisional names council representing Registrars.
> CORE is one of the newly accredited competitive registrars and is
> very active in the Registrars constituency (but I'm not sure if it
> has direct membership of that constituency.)
> Javier Sola, POC observer, is a member of the commercial
> constituency and member of the provisional names council.
> 2 members were appointed by IANA, perhaps a conflict of interest?
> IANA as a ICANN contractor (what is IANA officially these days!
> I know they are still working and keeping things ticking along...)
> Thanks,
> Adam
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