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Business Week Breaks Silence on ICANN

While News.com, ZiffDavis, and Rueters continue
their blackout on ICANN, a few media outlets are 
finally starting to report the *untold* story.

Here's the latest from Business Week.

Excerpts from:

>What's in a Name.com? Plenty 
>A brawl over Net names could threaten Web self-government
>   By Mike France in New York 
>It seemed like an inspired idea at the time. Recognizing that the 
>Internet moves too quickly to be regulated by government, the White House 
>last year decided to let Web users try to govern themselves. In June, 
>1998, it proposed creating a series of nonprofit corporations, run by 
>Netizens, to manage vexing issues such as privacy, fraud prevention, and 
>intellectual property protection.
>But after less than a year, the White House's bold experiment in Internet 
>governance is in jeopardy. ICANN is going broke and faces accusations of 
>mismanagement by everybody from Ralph Nader to House Commerce Committee 
>Chairman Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. (R-Va.), who sponsored a hearing entitled 
>''Is ICANN Out of Control?'' on July 22. 
>If ICANN survives the 
>crisis, many people believe that it has the potential to wield vast power 
>over the Internet. 
>''After all the talk over the past few years about how difficult it will 
>be to regulate conduct on the Internet,'' says David Post, a cyberlaw 
>specialist at Temple University School of Law, ''the domain name system 
>looks like the Holy Grail, the one place where enforceable Internet 
>policy can be promulgated without any of the messy enforcement'' problems.


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