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Re: [names] New gTLDs

At 05:50 PM 9/22/99 , rnesson@law.harvard.edu wrote:
>Hi, I'm Rebecca Nesson, a student in I&S.  
>I am organizing a panel for a pre-ICANN meeting conference on the topic
>of the addition of new gTLDs. 
>The object of the panel is to generate concrete, adoptable ideas about
>how ICANN could add new general top-level domains.
>Right now I, with the help of all people with ideas and feelings about
>gTLDs, need to think about/research the questions that focus this bigger
>Please help.  Here are some questions to guide you:
>How might new domain names be selected?
>Would each name have a single registry (regardless of number of
>If so, how would the registry be selected?
>How could ICANN deal with the "Oklahoma land rush" problem, i.e.
>everyone trying to get a piece at the same time?
>What are the political forces arrayed against adding new gTLDs?
>What other questions (and answers) do you think are central to this
>Answer any that interest you.  Thanks, Becca

Hi Becca,

Why bother?

Mike Roberts has *already* announced what the 
community consensus will be on new gTLDs ;-)

Just one more example why ICANN is illegitimate!


 >Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 02:48:58 -0400
 >To: [a reporter]
 >From: Jay Fenello <Jay@Iperdome.com>
 >Here's where Mike Roberts informs everyone
 >that he's decided that prior claims to TLDs
 >are not valid, are not going to be considered,
 >even though this is in direct contradiction to
 >the White Paper's approach of a bottom-up 
 >consensus process to answer this question.
 >Also, note that this decision was announced on
 >*JANUARY* 19th, 1999, before both the Singapore
 >and the Berlin ICANN Board meetings, before the 
 >DNSO had even been recognized.
 >>(Mr. Mike Roberts):
 >>"whatever we do about new top-level domains, one of the clear
 >>antecedent requirements of that is that we don't make what 
 >>appears to be a monopoly profit grant.  Now there are a lot 
 >>of mechanisms for dealing with that and we are going to hear 
 >>a lot of input on that, but I just wanted to sort of get that 
 >>message out there because we are no longer if we ever were, 
 >>we are no longer in an Oklahoma land rush approach to the 
 >>creation of new TLDs. "


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