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Internet Pornography

There has been much debate about the content of the Internet and freedom of
speech but no real solution.

Why not create extensions to replace the traditional ".com".  For example,
".xxx" could be used for pornography and material suitable for children
could use ".kid".

One big advantage of this would be that browser software could easily be
developed to register users thus limiting the extensions they would have
access to.  This would keep kids away from material that is inappropriate,
employers could effectively limit access to such material, and anyone browsing
would not be subject to accidentally typing an incorrect address and suddenly
get barraged with inappropriate material.
In registering for a Domain Name or IP Address, the applicant would be bound
by the terms, set by your organization, at the time they applied.  Such terms
are a necessity given the propensity for individuals to find loopholes.  For
example, they may claim their site contains material suitable for kids.  However,
it may contain links to sites with material deemed not suitable for children.
Penalties could range from loss of Domain Name or IP Address to shutting down
the site temporarily with a Notice Page describing the reasons why access is
currently unavailable.
There are also other alternatives: (1) creating an extension classification system
similar to that used by Libraries, or (2) have a rating system--better than that used
for movies--that browser software could use to register individuals, then allow
access according to the rating they are assigned.
Michael Newby