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   I've just read the proposed charter for the Ad Hoc Group, and am
writing to express my concern about the existence of this group and its
potential impact.
   The Internet to date has been based on an open standards process as
exemplified by the IETF and W3C and a recognition that IPv4 address space
is a limited global resource best managed by open regional registries.
   I encourage ICANN to restrict this group to an advisory role and to
insure that any of its findings are incorporated within the existing and
well functioning standards process.

Steve Corbató
Principal Internet Engineer Member, ARIN Advisory Council
Pacific/Northwest Gigapop   Networks and Distributed Computing
Computing & Communications, University of Washington
7342 SE 35th Ave, Portland OR 97202-8320 
corbato@cac.washington.edu   206-685-6221 voice   206-221-3669 fax
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