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We must move the DNSO server out of France.(was: Proof of Identification)

The problem with implementing PKI and web-of-trust is that France is one of
the few countries that do NOT allow their citizenry full access to
encryption technologies. Having the main DNSO server in France and having it
administered by a french citizen prevents us all from using this technology,
by fiat.

Yes, recent changes in French encryption laws appear to make it easier, but
what is allowed is crackable in 12 hours and one still must have a permit.
This is tantamount to nothing more than simple lip-service, by the French

If we are going to go down this path, we must move the DNSO server out of
France. Until we do so, the obvious solution cannot be implemented. That
this would also disenfranchise French citizens is of minor moment,
considering the negative impact of not doing so. Maybe the French government
should modify its stance further, as it is already disenfranchising itself
from much of the eCommerce activity, due to its encryption policies. It
should now feel the pain of disenfranchising itself from Internet
organizational activity.

I have nothing personal against Elisabeth.She is doing a fine job, IMHO. But
her country's policies are a major hurdle in our self-organizing efforts. We
must be able to certify individuals and I do not see a means to do this
without strong encryption technologies.

Those whom live in France, or under French law, should probably present
their objections to their governmental officials and policy-makers, as
should those who live in similarly repressive regimes.

> Of Bob Davis
> Sent: Monday, December 06, 1999 8:06 PM

> Darrell and all DNSO'ers,
>   Yes Darrell, this is precisely one of the reasons a public key
> system was envisioned to address, and has done so quite well.
> But some countries, such a France, for instance, has been reluctant
> to be excepting of the public Key system.  And isn't it amazing
> that this very list is hosted in France, and it's administrator
> is a french woman....
> Darrell Greenwood wrote: