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Questions for today

Why has the U.S. Department of Justice attacked and prosecuted
Microsoft? Is Justice really concerned, as they pretend, to stop
monopolization in the computer industry? Or is their real motive to
stop the advent of successful alternative internets, like the
Microsoft Network, to whose subscribers the U.S. intelligence
community might not have access?

What relation does the Microsoft antitrust case have with the
creation of ICANN, which is occurring concurrently with it, and
whose chief architect, Joe Sims, was an employee and is a colleague
of the D.O.J. Antitrust Division, the people who are prosecuting

Is ICANN a conspiracy of special commercial interests which have
convinced or tricked the U.S. Government into supporting their
plans? If not, who is really behind ICANN, this scheme to place
authoritarian central control of the Internet in the hands of a few
intimately acquainted persons all of whom are connected, in one way
or another, with the U.S. Government? Is it NSI, on the board of
whose parent company, SAIC, sit high-level officials of the three
branches of military intelligence? Is it IBM/MCI/AT&T, whose
executives in charge of the Internet have been in negotiations with
the Department of Commerce since before ICANN appeared? Is it the
Department of Commerce itself? The Department of Justice? U.S.
Military Intelligence?

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