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Re: [Membership] Re: Fees/contributions

Daniel Kaplan a écrit:

> 1- If one really wants to participate, the reason why the minimum
> contribution should be that low (at least for developped countries'
> standards; fees or contribution obviously need to be modulated depending on
> each country's per capita income) is not obvious.

It is a minimum. Those who can pay more are expected to. Those who can't,
and they will be many (there are many people living in underdeveloped
regions), will be able to join regardless.

> 2- The cost of collecting such low amounts is higher than the contribution
> itself. Not to mention the cost-per-member of voting procedures.

It will be compensated by the many from developed regions who can and will
pay more. Your argument simply denies membership to those who can't pay
more. This is not right.

> 3- If we want to prevent massive fraud, having somewhat higher
> fees/contributions is probably one of the most feasible ways.

Those who would commit fraud would not balk at paying more. You accomplish
the reverse by raising the minimum: honest individuals who need to join in
order to protect their rights, but who haven't large financial resources,
wouldn't be able to do so, while individuals and organizations intending to
capture undeserved portions of the membership, who will have the resources,
will be able to pay.

> However, this should not mean the (minimal) amount should be set too high.
> But which is the right level?

If people are expected to pay what they can afford, there doesn't need to be
a minimum, or not a high one. It's right that those who benefit most
financialy from the Internet support those who don't. I think ICANN will
receive more money with an obligatory contribution system than with any
sliding scale of dues. And that way the less affluent wil be protected.

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