ICANN 33 | 2-7 Nov 2008

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ICANN in Egypt

The Government of Egypt has the honor to host, in Cairo, the next ICANN meeting, from 2 to 7 November 2008, at InterContinental CityStars hotel. The ICANN meeting was previously hosted in Cairo in March 2000, by the Egyptian Ministry of Communications, the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) and the Internet Society of Egypt.

The Internet has always been a priority for the Egyptian government, as it is considered the platform for socioeconomic development; for innovation and education and for better health and government services. Thanks to several efforts and initiatives exerted in a public-private context, the Internet in Egypt is witnessing a tremendous growth rate, demonstrating a strong potential in one of the most active ICT sectors in the region.

It is hence no coincidence that Cairo, on behalf of Africa, welcomes back the ICANN community on the ICANN’s 10th anniversary, to host its 33rd International Public Meeting and its annual meeting for 2008.

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